The Power of Circle


                              No one has the multi-dimensional power than our O,

                                It symbolizes the negative and the positive,

                               The life starts from it but The sentence ends with it,

                               Success is defined by it’z count on the right of 1,

                               But The students dread it in it’s unit form,

                              From Moon to  *Chappati it signifies perfection,

                              On Woman’s forehead it is symbol of elegance,

                              “OM” The powerful chant of SHIVA starts with O .

                     *The Indian bread






4 Replies to “     The Power of Circle”

  1. Interestingly shown the role of circle as zero in math., O in prayer, perfect as shape of chapatti, elegant as our bindi. Good to teach the children that how much is this important in life.

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